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I’ve just signed on to promote Bridge to the Past, Book #1 in my Moonseed trilogy, with The Books Machine. This site offers daily bargains on electronic books, many offered for free! Take a look at their Web page for samples: logodefinitivoT

Excerpt from Bridge to the Past:

Moment by moment the sunset sky lost its brilliance. Fiery gold softened into rose and reflected off a pond not far from the house. The knot in my chest eased as I gazed at the peaceful water. “How beautiful,” I murmured. “Yes, it is,” said a quiet voice behind me. I turned sharply and would have fallen off the rail had Michael’s hand not braced my arm and held me upright. The sky reflected off his glasses, hiding his eyes. But his hand felt solid and warm on my arm as he eased me back against the post. “I wondered where you’d gone.” Michael removed his glasses and began polishing them with his handkerchief. I saw his eyelashes up close—pale with a hint of gold, almost brushing his cheek in a long sweep any woman would envy. Perhaps feeling my gaze, he looked up at me. His gray-green eyes tilted up at the corners like Ana’s, like Robbie’s. Russian eyes, almost. They were rounder, hinting perhaps at his English heritage. I thought of the young boy yearning for his sea captain father to come back for him, an image not unlike the young Victoria waiting in her fantasy rose garden. My chest tightened, and I blinked back a sudden sting of tears. Michael stopped polishing his glasses. “Kat?” I smiled shakily and turned away just as a mallard set out across the pond. It cut through the fading rose satin of the water’s surface like dressmaker shears, trailing a perfect V in its wake. Not wanting to disturb the hush, I pointed silently and watched the small figure glide into the shadows and disappear. Michael’s voice was soft behind me. “You seem so different, Kat. I don’t understand it.” I didn’t turn but watched the shadows around the pond deepen. I saw the first star of the evening sky. “I thought at first I was imagining it. But it’s there all the time—in your voice, your eyes, the way you carry yourself. It’s in the way Robbie looks at you, and even his cat.” He touched my shoulder. I turned and slipped off the rail to face him. Wearing Katherine’s high-heeled boots, I still had to look up to meet his eyes. “Tell me I’m crazy,” he said. “Tell me I’m imagining everything I see in you.” Both his hands were on my shoulders. His eyes, looking soft and vulnerable without his glasses, searched mine with an intensity that set Katherine’s heart fluttering in her chest.

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