Bridge to the Past

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Book 1 in the MOONSEED trilogy

Victoria Reeves-Ashton longs to escape her meaningless life. Trapped in a loveless marriage, haunted by dreams she can’t remember, she craves the love and safety that have always eluded her despite her breathtaking beauty and privileged life among the modern San Francisco elite.

Then her careless wish on a mysterious coin causes a near tragedy that snatches her back over a century in time, into the life of the coin’s previous owner. Victoria awakens in the body of Katherine Kamarov, a rancher’s daughter living in rural California in the late 1800s—a selfish, friendless young woman who is accused of murdering her husband.

Ryan Ashton hates to admit that his marriage to Victoria is failing. Still stinging from a disastrous first marriage, he had hoped for a second chance at happiness with the quiet and beautiful Victoria. But after ten months of fruitless attempts at intimacy, he is ready to concede defeat. Then a tragic accident nearly takes Victoria’s life, and his wife regains consciousness no longer shy and repressed but sexually brazen and defiant. Baffled by the change, Ryan is repelled by her ruthlessness yet also excited by her new sensuality, and he dares to hope that here at last is a woman who can satisfy the longings of his lonely heart.

Against the romantic backdrop of California wine country and historic San Francisco, Bridge to the Past unfolds as the first book in the Moonseed trilogy, which follows Victoria and Katherine season by season through the same year but separated from each other by a wall of time, each woman looking for her destiny in the other woman’s mirror.

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