Into the Mist

(Summer 2015)


Book 3 in the MOONSEED trilogy

When love calls, will time wait?

In the first book of the series, Bridge to the Past, two desperately unhappy women became time travelers, or moonseed, when a near-fatal accident propelled each of them into a different century.

Shy and beautiful Victoria traveled back to rural California in the late 1890s to inhabit the body of Katherine Kamarov, a friendless young widow accused of murdering her husband. At the same time Katherine awakened into Victoria’s privileged life among the modern San Francisco elite and her cold marriage to a handsome but remote architect.

In the second book, Borrowed Promises, each woman’s new life blossomed through a summer season. Victoria adapted to a slower-paced world and learned to sidestep the embarrassing fallout of Katherine’s indiscretions, even as she tried to discover how and when she might return to her own time. Yet all the while her heart was putting down roots in Katherine’s world and especially in her friendship with Katherine’s winsome cousin, Michael.

At the same time, Katherine was falling for Victoria’s husband, Ryan, who struggled against his feelings for the woman his wife had suddenly become—a woman who was a baffling mixture of cruelty, sensuality, and tenderness.

Now this third book of the series, Into the Mist, finds the women hopelessly in love with their new lives. Through the fall and winter months they discover within themselves unexpected resources and strengths as they face tragedies, betrayals, and losses, and each realizes that through the year of exchange she has emerged a different person altogether.

As the new spring moon approaches, threatening to return each woman to her own time, Victoria and Katherine must come to terms with who they know themselves to be and how they can hold on to what matters most should they be forced back through the barrier of time.

Bridge to the Past by Judith Ingram – Prologue by Judith Ingram


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Borrowed Promises by Judith Ingram – Chapter 1 by Judith Ingram