Hurt and angry, we may want revenge, but it's forgiveness we need to bind our wounds, heal our broken hearts, restore our fellowship with God, and free us to love those who have betrayed us.

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Bridge to the Past

Now available in Paperback and e-book formats


Book 1 in the MOONSEED trilogy

She didn't know her worth until she became someone else.

A careless wish on a mysterious coin snatches a young woman back in time to assume the identity of a ruthless woman accused of murder.

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Borrowed Promises

Now available in Paperback and e-book formats


Book 2 in the MOONSEED trilogy

Can borrowed love last a lifetime?

Two lonely young women escape into each other's lives but struggle against falling in love, knowing that borrowed lives can't last forever.

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Into the Mist

(Summer 2015)


Book 3 in the MOONSEED trilogy

When love calls, will time wait?

Victoria and Katherine have found happiness in each other's identities but must outwit destiny before their previous lives can reclaim them. Final book in the series.

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Bridge to the Past by Judith Ingram – Prologue by Judith Ingram


A Devotional Walk With Forgiveness – Week 1 Day 1 by Judith Ingram


Borrowed Promises by Judith Ingram – Chapter 1 by Judith Ingram