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Need a speaker or conference breakout presenter? I would love to come and speak to your group! Below are some of my talks people have requested.

I live in the San Francisco East Bay and would enjoy teaching or facilitating a six-week study for your church or small group.

Don’t see the topic you need? E-mail me, or call me at (925) 833-8046 and we’ll discuss it!

Topics on Forgiveness

Lord, Heal My Bitter Heart (45-60 minutes)

Resentment is a poisonous attitude that infects our hearts and relationships. Learn to recognize its symptoms, apply God’s treatment plan, and build up spiritual immunity to protect your relationships and stay strong in Christ.

Where Does It Hurt? (45-60 minutes)

Learn how to expose and treat old wounds from past relationships that still hurt us today. Session includes interactive exploration of truths and myths about forgiveness in our culture.

You Mean, I Have A Choice? (45-60 minutes)

What we believe determines how we respond to conflict. Learn how the condition of our heart prepares us to accept or reject the healing path of forgiveness. Session includes exercises that explore how core beliefs affect our perceptions and responses to one another.

For Writers' Groups

Fan Into Flame Your Writing Gift (30 minutes)

Writers are gifted with vision to see the world in new and interesting ways and to share their unique vision with others. Four practical tips help writers to discover their own vision and voice and to write with greater authenticity, passion, and purpose.

Bible Studies and Classes

Book Study: A Devotional Walk with Forgiveness (six classes, 90 minutes each)

Bible Study: Women of the Bible

Old Testament Women (six classes, 90 minutes each)
New Testament Women (six classes, 90 minutes each)

Speechwriting Award

Fan Into Flame Your Writing Gift

I’m thrilled about winning the 2015 Cicero Speechwriting Award in the Media category for, “Fan Into Flame Your Writing Gift.” You can view my speech at http://bit.ly/1InkVSn (go to page 15 of the PDF).

Judith Ingram won the Cicero Speechwriting Award in the Media category for, "Fan Into Flame Your Writing Gift."

Bridge to the Past by Judith Ingram – Prologue by Judith Ingram


A Devotional Walk With Forgiveness – Week 1 Day 1 by Judith Ingram


Borrowed Promises by Judith Ingram – Chapter 1 by Judith Ingram