We Have A King

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Judges 21:25 (New Living Translation)

In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes.


The phrase, “Israel had no king,” appears four times in the Book of Judges and each time is associated with a story of sin and destruction among people who had no moral compass outside themselves. In truth, God was Israel’s King, but they refused to acknowledge his authority over their lives.

We, too, have a King. Yet just like Israel, we resist his authority and prefer to go our own way. Instead of seeking God’s heart, we seek out the wisdom of our culture. We make judgments based on our feelings or what sounds right or what popular authorities recommend.

So many useless quarrels, painful conflicts, and heartache could be avoided if we would only remember that we are not without a King. In the rules God established for his kingdom we find our most reliable help for building strong relationships and our surest compass for living a satisfying and upright life.


FATHER, so often I have followed my own wisdom in a relationship dilemma and ended up making things worse. The way that seems right in my own eyes is usually an unreliable mix of notions I’ve picked up from friends, family, and media, and is often selfishly motivated. Help me to take seriously your rightful authority over every aspect of every relationship I have. Give me grace to step off the throne of my life and surrender it to you.


Proverbs 14:12; Deuteronomy 11:18-19


If you made God the supreme ruler over a particular relationship in your life, how might your behavior toward that other person change?

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